Axis & Allies Wiki

War Room Style Simultaneous Movement in Axis & Allies

The order of play is modified.

1.      Write Orders

2.      Determine order of resolution

3.      Execute movement

4.      Resolve combat

5.      Land aircraft

6.      Place builds

7.      Collect income

Write Orders Phase

Each player writes up to 9 orders. Each order specifies the number of units moving (up to 12) from 1 specified area to another specified area. Cargo on transports does not count as part of the number. It is not necessary to specify the exact units being moved.

Each player also writes down the exact number and location of units built.

Finally, each player bids any number of IPC’s they have to determine the order of execution, highest number first. Ties are broken using the original order of play for the game.

Movement Execution

In the order of execution, each player conducts their movement. If a move is illegal or impossible, it is cancelled. If player ordered less than the full number pieces in a territory to move, the moving player chooses how many. A move may also be cancelled voluntarily. The exact route of multi-area movement is determined at the time of execution. Transports may pick up or drop off freely. Cargo on transports does not count against the number of pieces being moved.

If enemy units have moved into a territory, the friendly units may continue to move by leaving some units behind. The number of units must at least match the number of enemy units (ignoring cargo on transports). The matching units do not have to be from the moving force.

Resolving Combat

In the order of execution, each player resolves all their battles that they initiated. You can have multiple battles resolved at once to speed up play. You can determine at the time of execution, whether bombers are bombing strategically. Multiple nations can combine their units on the attack. Losses are chosen when attacking by the player with the most pieces, break ties on order of execution. Losses are chosen for the defender by the owner of the territory (or most units at sea).

Land Aircraft

In the order of execution, land aircraft in accordance with the usual rules.

Place Builds

In the order of execution place builds. This can be done simultaneously to speed play.

If factories have been damaged by bombing, they can be repaired now. You should keep some reserves to do so. If a damaged factory is unable to build, you must cancel production of enough units to stay within its capacity. The cost of the cancelled unit is refunded. The refunds can’t be used to repair during the same phase. If the factory has been captured or production is otherwise impossible, the cost is refunded.