War of the Relics
The War of the Relics

A TripleA game by of the Relics humbabba v1.0
This is a complex medieval-themed strategy game, unlike a lot of other war games. It is highly recommended you refer to the full manual in the doc folder under where you put the relic_war folder - or further down here in the game notes.

Or download it from:

There is also a standalone map coordinates index for locating sites and a Lords Tree to see which lords grant access to which in the doc folder.

But for those who insist on jumping right in....


  • The game file is massive - it will take a long time to load. A few minutes, perhaps.
  • Don't bother trying to play the AI - two human players are required. (The two AI players are there for game-system tasks; they need to stay on AI.)
  • You don't buy a lot of units, just one per round.
  • Each unit is unique.
  • You do not built strength by conquering territory - don't bother taking castles unless you have a specific reason.
  • Mouse over units in the production window for info.
  • Place lords in their houses - the squares on the bottom half of the game board - not directly on the map.
  • Each lord has his own house, labeled with the name matching the initial on his icon.
  • From their houses, lords can be moved to territories their titles grant them.
  • Lords don't fight themselves, rather the strength of their titles and other assets does the fighting - lords on the losing side are taken captive and can be executed or ransomed.
  • Randomly granted assets can be placed in a lord's house to add to his strength each round starting on the third.
  • All lords on one side of a battle add their total "pro" strength and subtract their enemies' total "con" strength. The result is the number or less they must roll one a ten-sided die to get a hit. If the defender gets a hit, he wins. If neither gets a hit, it's a stalemate.
  • "Con" strengths are doubled when attacking a fort garrison - including when there are also lords in the fort.
  • 2:1 strength in the field means the defender can't win; 1:1 against a fort means the same.
  • Battles last one round. Lords are not taken as casualties directly, rather their possible deaths in battle are determined separately.
  • Random events at the end of the round can kill or move lords around.
  • The relics, when captured, act as standalone units for your faction. Each also has a special bonus: The Ring gives you access to extra assets, the Rod gives 1 extra movement, and the Sword is mighty in battle.
  • To win, gather all three relics and a druid and bring them to the sacred grove (village with the curly symbol) with one of the "great lords," the guys with the stars on their shields.
  • There's more...please refer to the manual.


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