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Introduction This map aims to mix the classic strategy dice game with role-playing elements, character development and the fantasy of Warcraft. As a player, you will not only take control of a nation and its military, you will also manage the journey of a powerful and dedicated War Hero. Let the adventure begin! Rules and Setup 8 players / 4 vs. 4 10-sided dice. Units repair start of player's turn. Combat Move and Non Combat Move is done before Purchase and Placement. Factories, Siege-Towers and Battering-Rams may be constructed in newly captured territories. Purchased units may be kept and placed in later Rounds. Targeted attacks (Ranged Weapons) only fire once before normal combat (except for Hero Units and Factories). Hero Units often have strong targeted attack strength (Targeted Power). Hero Units can have multiple targeted attack rolls (Targeted Rolls), allowing them to fire several times, even at the same target, before normal combat begins. Win Conditions Total Victory is achieved by either the Alliance or the Horde owning 6 of the 8 Capital Cities at the end of a Round. Economic Victory is achieved by either the Alliance or the Horde producing 450 PUs at the end of a round. Resources No war is won without securing assets and territories. To build units, take control of as many resource producing elements as possible:

PUs - Needed for production.  Food - Standard Land Units.  Wood - Siege Engines and Ships.  Gold - Factories and Special Units.  Mana - Magical Special Units.  Oil - Mechanical Special Units.  XP - Level advancement, Hero revival as well as the post-level 8 era, where XP can be exchanged into other resources. Land Units        

All players share the same basic Land Units.

All players have access to Special Land Units. Many Land Units have purchasable Veteran and Elite variants. Veterans and Elites are affected by the same buffs and debuffs as standard units. Catapults have Shots that target only Factories and Land Units. Sea Units     

All players share the same basic Sea Units.

All players have access to Special Sea Units. Ports are required to place Sea Units. Ports can only produce 1 Sea Unit every Turn (Except Stormwind Port). Some Ports have a strong allegiance to a certain Race and will revert to their control if liberated by an ally of that Race. Resources are found all over the ocean and can be seized by Sea Units. Trebuchets have Shots that target only Factories and Sea Units. Air Units

Some players have access to Special Air Units.

Air Units can fly over rivers and mountain ridges, wherever Airways exist. Air Units do not need to land in friendly territories at the end of Movement. They can stay in the air, even over water. Ballistas have Shots that target only Factories and Air Units. Factories

Units may be produced at level 1-5 Factories. These are capturable and marked with golden dots, 1 dot per Factory level. Player built Factories can often be upgraded to higher levels. For each level a Factory is, it may:

Produce 1 Unit. Defend itself with 1 Wall-Archer (5/10) each Battle Round. Withstand 1 HP Bombardment damage before destroyed or disabled. Heal Hero HPs equal to Factory level at the start of the Factory's turn. (This is in addition to Heros' normal 1 HP healing per Turn)

Note: There can be only 1 Factory in a territory, with the exception of Stormwind Port, an integrated part of Stormwind City. Stormwind may produce up to 5 Land and/or Sea Units total. Bombardment

Player built Factories can be damaged from a distance by Bombardment capable Units, Shots and Spells (reducing production capability) and finally destroyed (when max Bombardment damaged is reached). This is a good way to avoid the heavy loses dealt by defending Wall-Archers. Capturing Factories undamaged is also an option. In this case the attacker will want to suppress the Wall-Archers by bringing a Battering-Ram and Siege-Towers:

1 Battering-Ram completely nullifies the first Wall-Archer of any Factory. A level 1 Factory is therefore best attacked with 1 Battering-Ram. 1 Siege-Tower will suppress all remaining Wall-Archer attacks by 1 Targeted Power, from 5/10 to 4/10. Level 2+ Factories are therefore best attacked with 1 Battering-Ram and 1-5 Siege-Towers. 1 Battering-Ram and 5 Siege-Towers completely nullify all 5 Wall-Archers of even a Capital City. One cannot bring more than 1 Battering-Ram and 5 Siege-Towers to a siege.

Note: All none-built Factories (Capitals, Stronghold, Manor, Keep, Tower and Ports) can only be damaged by Bombardment, not destroyed. Capitals, Stronghold, Manor, Keep and Tower will furthermore be set on fire (reaching max damage) if lost to the enemy. Heroes

These are the strongest of units. They have multiple HPs, skills and abilities:

Heroes can carry strong Targeted Power weapons. Heroes often have several Targeted Rolls, allowing them to fire their Ranged Weapons several times before normal combat begins. Heroes and pets defeated in battle can simply revive at a Factory, although this can first happen at the end of the next Turn. Heroes start as level 1, but may use XP to advance up to level 8. Each level grants a new unique Hero Ability. Heroes gain access to various Spells, Pets and Buffs during play. All Heroes receive a 2 Movement Mount at level 5, except Tauren. Heroes choose special Origin Story Skills during Round 1. These give certain bonuses during play. Hero Items will be picked up automatically and placed in the Hero's Backpack or Ranged Weapon slot. Ranged Weapons Before normal combat, ranged units all fire once, having a chance to hit and kill random enemy units. This includes, but is not limited to, artillery shots raining down, wall archers shooting arrows, tanks discharging guns, magicians channeling magic, cavalry crushing into the enemy, ents stumping on small foes etc.

Note: Catapult-Shots, Ballista-Shots and Trebuchet-Shots are specialized for targeting only Land Units, Air Units and Sea Units respectively, as well as Factories. Targeted Power: How strong is the Ranged Weapon attack from 1-10. (10%-100% kill chance) Targeted Rolls: How many ranged attack rolls does the unit have before normal combat. (Only Hero Units and Factories have several rolls) Targeted Type: (Relevant when Heros give buffs or debuffs to other ranged units) Magic (Spells, Sorcerers, Elementals etc.) Missile (Bowmen, Crossbowmen, Scorpid etc.) Gun (Gyrocopters, Tanks, Gunships etc.) Crush (Cavalry, Artillery, Ents etc.) Wall-Archers (Factories only. Note that these fire every Combat Round!) Player 1 - Humans Arthur the Paladin is a defensive character, in touch with the divine. His skills are aimed towards weakening enemies, protecting himself and protecting allies. He is wise to keep a small contingent of soldiers with him, as his aura strengthens allies. His Judgment-Spell stands out as his single strong offensive asset.

Humans have the benefit of owning the largest coastal city on the map, capable of building lots of ships. On land, Humans should think about supporting the Dwarves to the north, in their struggle to keep the borders safe. Also Humans should note that there are several Waygates to the South and East.

Special Units unique to Humans are: Heavy-Troopships (Transport Capacity: 100), Priests (Hero heal, unit defense and Magic attack), Captains (Footmen support), Knights (Cavalry support and Crush attack) and Airships (Infantry air transport and Gun attack).

Player 2 - Dwarves

Bla.Bla.Bla Player 3 - Gnomes Bla.Bla.Bla. special units like the Spider-Tank, a special unit that (unlike other Land Units) is able to traverse mountains and rivers. Player 4 - Night-Elves Bla.Bla.Bla Player 5 - Orcs Bla.Bla.Bla Player 6 - Tauren Bla.Bla.Bla Player 7 - Undead Bla.Bla.Bla Player 8 - Trolls Bla.Bla.Bla Creeps and Pirates The primitive races of Azeroth, collectively known as Creeps, are randomly scattered across the world. Creeps will fight any one passing through their territory, but they do not move around. Eliminating Creeps will often grant XP, Gold and sometime special structures. Pirates are unlike the other more passive Creeps. Pirates spawn new units at the end of Rounds 1-3, and they will continuously roam the seas and raid the inlands until dealt with. Bridges and Airways All Units may cross Bridges, but only Air Units, Artillery Shots and Spells may traverse the Airways. Lakes and Shallow Water Air Units can cross Lakes and Shallow Waters, but Sea Units may not enter these territories. Waygates These fabulous buildings can teleport units from one continent to another, linking several territories of The Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Credits Map by Frostion. Thanks to TripleA community members Redrum and Cernel for helping out during the map making process. Copyright Disclaimer This map is inspired by and uses art from the games Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and World of Warcraft. All Warcraft franchise images, sounds, music, and lore are the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment. Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries. Please visit:

Nations: Humans Dwarves Gnomes Night-Elves Orcs Tauren Undead Trolls Bandits Brown-Worgen Centaurs Defias Draenei Ettin Fel Furbolgs Ghosts Gnolls Golems Grey-Worgen Harpies Kobolds Murlocs Naga Satyrs Slimes Troggs Wildkin Wretched Zombies Red-Dragons Blue-Dragons Bronze-Dragons Nature Pirates

Units: Irregulars Footmen Pikemen Bowmen Crossbowmen Cavalry Catapult Catapult-Shot Ballista Ballista-Shot Trebuchet Trebuchet-Shot Battering-Ram Siege-Tower Veteran-Footmen Elite-Footmen Veteran-Pikemen Elite-Pikemen Veteran-Bowmen Elite-Bowmen Veteran-Crossbowmen Elite-Crossbowmen Veteran-Cavalry Elite-Cavalry Guard-Tower Watch-Tower Fort Outpost Garrison War-Camp Castle Great-Hall Alliance-Capital Horde-Capital Workboat Troopship Warship Arthur Khorman Marryk Ayanna Thrall Gart Cat-Form Owl-Form Bear-Form Gart-Form Sevis Sian-tsu Captain Knights Priest Airship Heavy-Troopship Steam-Tank Mountain-King Mortar Mortar-Shot Flying-Machine Gunship Riflemen Manabots Spider-Tank Mecha-Pounder Gyrocopter Submarine Mountain-Giant Scorpid Scorpid-Shot Ceremonial-Fire Wisp Hippogryph Destroyer Shredder Wind-Hexer Zeppelin Juggernaught Chieftain Spirit-Walker Earthshaker Kodo-Tower Giant-Turtle Gargoyles Banshee Fire-Thrower Fire-Shot Sorcerer Abomination Witch-Doctor Berserkers Dire-Troll Fire-Canoe Alliance-Stronghold Suppressed-Alliance-Stronghold Alliance-Footmen High-Elf-Village Suppressed-High-Elf-Village High-Elves Dryad-Shrine Suppressed-Dryad-Shrine Dryads Horde-Stronghold Suppressed-Horde-Stronghold Horde-Footmen Blood-Elf-Village Suppressed-Blood-Elf-Village Blood-Elves Ogre-Mound Suppressed-Ogre-Mound Ogres Sheep Pig Cow Farm Forest Large-Forest Lumber-Mill Gold-Mine Automated-Gold-Mine Gold-Smelter Small-Mana-Crystal Mana-Crystal Large-Mana-Crystal Ancient-Monolith Shrine-of-Wisdom Planetarium Observatory Temple-of-Truth Oil-Well Army-Supplies Secured-Army-Supplies Gold-Chest Secured-Gold-Chest Mana-Chest Secured-Mana-Chest XP-Chest Secured-XP-Chest Supply-Chest Secured-Supply-Chest Hearthstone-Item Use-Hearthstone Hearthstone Lunar-Obelisk Solar-Obelisk Statue-of-Lothar Altar-of-Storms Offering-Altar Wishing-Well Alchemy-Workshop Enchanted-Shrubland Abandoned-Air-Balloon Air-Balloon Water-Rune Fire-Rune Earth-Rune Air-Rune Water-Elemental Fire-Elemental Earth-Elemental Air-Elemental Fel-Elemental Abandoned-Bombard Bombard Bombard-Shot Healing-Spring Ent Gryphon-Nest Gryphon-Egg Incubation-step-1-of-3 Incubation-step-2-of-3 Incubation-step-3-of-3 Gryphon-Chick Gryphon-Transport Dynamite Outlaws Bandit-Keep Keep Worgen-Stalkers Brown-Worgen-Chest Secured-Brown-Worgen-Chest Centaur-Outrunners Centaur-Treasure Secured-Centaur-Treasure Defias-Thugs Defias-Stronghold Stronghold Draenei-Mutants Draenei-Village Village Ettin-Giant Ettin-Loot Secured-Ettin-Loot Fel-Beasts Open-Fel-Gate Closed-Fel-Gate Wraith Ghost-Tower Tower Gnoll-Brutes Gnoll-Armory Armory Harvest-Golems Golem-Vineyard Vineyard Worgen-Raiders Grey-Worgen-Chest Secured-Grey-Worgen-Chest Harpy-Witches Harpy-Manor Manor Kobold-Miners Kobold-Mine Mine Mad-Furbolgs Mad-Furbolg-Shrine Furbolg-Shrine Murloc-Tiderunners Murloc-Alter Alter Naga-Warriors Naga-Temple Temple Goblin-Pirates Pirate-Cave Secured-Cave Pirate-Ship Satyr-Minions Satyr-Gold Secured-Satyr-Gold Oozes Slimy-Chest Secured-Slimy-Chest Trogg-Savages Trogg-Dwelling Dwelling Enraged-Wildkin Enraged-Wildkin-Statue Wildkin-Statue Wretched-Monks Wretched-Monastery Monastery Zombie-Walkers Zombie-Crypt Crypt Red-Dragon Blue-Dragon Bronze-Dragon Amber Crabs Fish Pearls Turtles Whales Oil-Deposit Sail-Route Auberdine-Port Booty-Bay-Port Menethil-Port Ratchet-Port Revantusk-Port Rut-Theran-Port Shadowprey-Port Southshore-Port Steamwheedle-Port Stormwind-Port Theramore-Port Flag Loot-Level-1 Loot-Level-2 Loot-Level-3 Loot-Level-4 Loot-Level-5 Loot-Level-10 Origin-Artisan Origin-Athlete Origin-Besieger Origin-Defender Origin-Empath Origin-Farmer Origin-Forester Origin-Geologist Origin-Guard Origin-Instructor Origin-Lancer Origin-Legend Origin-Mystic Origin-Noble Origin-Officer Origin-Sage Origin-Scholar Origin-Seafarer Origin-Shooter Origin-Trader Origin-Zapper Humans-Level-1 Humans-Level-2 Humans-Level-3 Humans-Level-4 Humans-Level-5 Humans-Level-6 Humans-Level-7 Humans-Level-8 Horse Judgment-Spell Divine-Shield Holy-Protection Dwarves-Level-1 Dwarves-Level-2 Dwarves-Level-3 Dwarves-Level-4 Dwarves-Level-5 Dwarves-Level-6 Dwarves-Level-7 Dwarves-Level-8 Ram Agility-Potion Rage-Potion Gnomes-Level-1 Gnomes-Level-2 Gnomes-Level-3 Gnomes-Level-4 Gnomes-Level-5 Gnomes-Level-6 Gnomes-Level-7 Gnomes-Level-8 Mechanostrider Fire-Spell Battle-Chicken Frost-Spell Frost Invisibility-Spell Night-Elves-Level-1 Night-Elves-Level-2 Night-Elves-Level-3 Night-Elves-Level-4 Night-Elves-Level-5 Night-Elves-Level-6 Night-Elves-Level-7 Night-Elves-Level-8 Saber-Cat Trap Mastiff Orcs-Level-1 Orcs-Level-2 Orcs-Level-3 Orcs-Level-4 Orcs-Level-5 Orcs-Level-6 Orcs-Level-7 Orcs-Level-8 Wolf Lightning-Spell Spirit-Wolves Earthquake-Spell Earthquake Tauren-Level-1 Tauren-Level-2 Tauren-Level-3 Tauren-Level-4 Tauren-Level-5 Tauren-Level-6 Tauren-Level-7 Tauren-Level-8 Shapeshift Lunar-Spell Lunar-Fire Solar-Spell Solar-Fire Root-Spell Roots Undead-Level-1 Undead-Level-2 Undead-Level-3 Undead-Level-4 Undead-Level-5 Undead-Level-6 Undead-Level-7 Undead-Level-8 Skeletal-Horse Imps Skeletons Horror-Spell Doomguard Trolls-Level-1 Trolls-Level-2 Trolls-Level-3 Trolls-Level-4 Trolls-Level-5 Trolls-Level-6 Trolls-Level-7 Trolls-Level-8 Raptor Totem Flame-Spell Restoring-Rain Time-Spell Amulet-of-Accuracy-Item Arcane-Wand-Item Arcanite-Hauberk-Item Art-of-Archery-Item Rapid-Foot-Standard-Item Battle-Harness-Item Nautical-Charts-Item Blinding-Powder-Item Blunderbuss-Item Booby-Traps-Item Book-of-Medivh-Item Boomstick-Item Box-of-Dynamite-Item Bracers-of-Fury-Item Caltrops-Item Cavaliering-Item Chain-of-Life-Item Equestrian-Baton-Item Compendium-of-Creeps-Item Crossbow-Tactics-Item Crown-of-Kings-Item Crystal-Ball-Item Dirty-Fighting-Item Distraction-Device-Item Steel-Foot-Standard-Item Energy-Shard-Item Fine-Wand-Item Fishing-Pole-Item Flintlock-Pistol-Item Golden-Goose-Item Headband-of-Foresight-Item History-of-Warcraft-Item Hood-of-Silence-Item Horn-of-Cenarius-Item Infantry-Field-Manual-Item Recruitment-Posters-Item Invisibility-Cloak-Item Spear-Item Leatherneck-Item Loaded-Dice-Item Luck-Token-Item Magic-Bow-Item Magic-Purse-Item Map-of-Azeroth-Item Stone-of-Unseen-Item Mithril-Gauntlets-Item Moonstone-Item Mystical-Scepter-Item Orb-of-Power-Item Orb-of-Slow-Item Organizing-Militias-Item Pendant-of-Mana-Item Pike-Formations-Item Pipe-of-Insight-Item Storm-Charm-Item Quality-Bow-Item Shielding-Idol-Item Talisman-of-Unmagic-Item Ring-of-Revelation-Item Ring-of-Gun-Control-Item Ring-of-Amplification-Item Ring-of-Motivation-Item Ring-of-Quickness-Item Ring-of-Retaliation-Item Ring-of-Shadows-Item Skull-of-Guldan-Item Smoke-Bombs-Item Smooth-Gloves-Item Sobi-Mask-Item Armor-Spikes-Item Spyglass-Item Elemental-Rune-Item Steel-Pauldrons-Item Superior-Crossbow-Item Superior-Handle-Wrap-Item Targeting-Goggles-Item Thorium-Coif-Item Tome-of-Power-Item Treasure-Finder-Item War-Drums-Item War-Horn-Item Long-Range-Artillery-Item War-Paint-Item Weapon-Enchantment-Item Weapon-Weightstone-Item Wizard-Staff-Item Amulet-of-Accuracy Arcane-Wand Arcanite-Hauberk Art-of-Archery Rapid-Foot-Standard Battle-Harness Nautical-Charts Blinding-Powder Blunderbuss Booby-Traps Book-of-Medivh Boomstick Bow Box-of-Dynamite Bracers-of-Fury Caltrops Cavaliering Chain-of-Life Equestrian-Baton Compendium-of-Creeps Crossbow Crossbow-Tactics Crown-of-Kings Crystal-Ball Dirty-Fighting Distraction-Device Steel-Foot-Standard Energy-Shard Fine-Wand Fishing-Pole Flintlock-Pistol Golden-Goose Headband-of-Foresight History-of-Warcraft Hood-of-Silence Horn-of-Cenarius Infantry-Field-Manual Recruitment-Posters Invisibility-Cloak Spear Leatherneck Loaded-Dice Luck-Token Magic-Bow Magic-Purse Map-of-Azeroth Stone-of-Unseen Mithril-Gauntlets Moonstone Mystical-Scepter Orb-of-Power Orb-of-Slow Organizing-Militias Pendant-of-Mana Pike-Formations Pipe-of-Insight Storm-Charm Quality-Bow Shielding-Idol Talisman-of-Unmagic Ring-of-Revelation Ring-of-Gun-Control Ring-of-Amplification Ring-of-Motivation Ring-of-Quickness Ring-of-Retaliation Ring-of-Shadows Scepter Skull-of-Guldan Smoke-Bombs Smooth-Gloves Sobi-Mask Armor-Spikes Spyglass Staff Elemental-Rune Steel-Pauldrons Superior-Crossbow Superior-Handle-Wrap Targeting-Goggles Thorium-Coif Tome-of-Power Treasure-Finder Wand War-Drums War-Horn Long-Range-Artillery War-Paint Weapon-Enchantment Weapon-Weightstone Wizard-Staff

Warcraft War Heroes