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Warlords: 6 Player FFA

by Pulicat

Version 1.1

This is an FFA based on the RSOC map. Suggested bid is 200 PU. Standard bidding rules: 5 units max per territory, except capital.

A few special rules:

1) Any two territories adjacent to a city are considered connected to each other. In other words, you may move between two territories on opposites of a city in just 1 move. However, you can "teleport" between two non-adjacent territories this way only if you control the city.

2) There are two kinds of factory units: an invisible one called "ruralproduction" present in the countryside and regular "factories" in cities. infantry is to built in the countryside only and everything else in cities only. You are not allowed to build infantry inside cities, or artillery/tanks/planes/etc. in the countryside.

3) You can build trains, which hop from station to station carrying troops. Cargo trains are 0/0 capacity 10, while armoured trains are 0/1 capacity 5, and they both travel two station-lengths. You can only use a railroad line if you begin the turn by controlling all the territories between the stations (like a canal).


  • Chihli Clique (capital: Wuhan)
  • Fengtian Clique(capital: Mukden)
  • Guominjun (capital: Sian)
  • Kuomintang (capital: Canton)
  • League of Five provinces (capital: Nanking)
  • Yunnan Clique (capital: Calcutta)
Warlords FFA