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This is a Triple-A variant of 1939 Pact of Steel Big World. AxisGeneral's 1939 was the starting point which was then modified to improve its historical accuracy by giving both Germany and Japan surprise attacks against the the UK and USA. China has first strike against Japan as she had been at war with the Japanese for several years by 1939. These axis attacks can place the UK in immediate jeapardy and she must take great care not to fall in the first few rounds. The USA needs to mobilise extremely quickly and comw to her aid.

The order of play is (1) Germany (2) Russia (3) Italy (4) China (5) Japan (6) UK (7) USA.

Germany round one can attack Norway, France, Switzerland, Hungary and Poland. Her initial PUs are slightly higher and she has two transports.

Russia has no factory in the Caucuses or Vladivostok but has one in Novo-Sibirsk. Although she possesses little offensive units she remains vast and wealthy.

Italy round one can attack the Balkans and either Algeria or Egypt or she can chose to reinforce Libya. The Italian fleet in the Mediterranean has been strengthened to deal with the British in the Mediterranean. Their traditional base in Ethiopia has been strengthened and she can choose between three British Indian Ocean naval targets.

Chinese infantry costs 2 PU so they can always harrass the Japanese but her production base is weak.

Japan round one possesses coastal China but needs to deal with the Chinese who hold the interior. She can attack Pearl Harbour, the Philippines, Malaya/Singapore, Borneo, the Dutch East Indies and New Guinea. As in World war 2, the conquest of the East Indies gains her resource-rich colonies. Japan has a higher initial production value, more transport and air and sea power and her Chinese territories are worth more.

The British represent France in Europe. They own the rich Asian territories of Borneo, Malaya and New Guinea. Their fleets in the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean have been strengthened but are threatened. Her African troops and her garrison in Gibraltar have been strengthened. Delhi has a small land unit factory.

As in 1939, the USA needs to awaken from her industrial depression and deep desire not to go to war, so she starts hostilities with no PUs. She has a Pacific fleet of her west coast. She does not have a factory in the Philipeans. Mexico and Cuba can be converted to USA territories by landing a plane on them. However, her industrial potential is huge and the axis must move fast before she mobilises.

The Middle-East is neutral and valuable as it was at the beginning of WW2 (Syria was Vichy-France and the UK/Russia invaded or supported coups in Iraq/Iran in 1941). Turkey is an industrial power and is strongly defended. Italy and Germany's route to the middle-east oil-fields lies through Egypt and/or Turkey. Saudi Arabia's terrain and climate made her very hard and costly to invade and control.

Factories cost 35 PU and are a major investment.

Many thanks to Willy, Ice, Lux, Jocker, CCN and Swobo for helping trial the map and offering feedback and suggestions. Anyone is welcome to assist with the trailing. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome. Have fun playing this variation and please feedback your ideas and criticisms.

Wolfy - October, 2008
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Wolfy s 1939 First Strike