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Download: Repository/High Quality/World at War WORLD AT WAR Game Design by Sieg Version: 2.1.1

"There is a New Age of War, the Total War."

Axis Allies
Germans Russians
Italians French
Yamamoto Chinese
Hisaichi British
Thai Americans

(Nations listed in their Turn Order. Alternatively, refer to the "Stats" tab.)

Land Units
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Size Special Abilities
Infantry 1 2 1 2 S isSupportable
Elite 2 2 1 3 S isSupportable
Marine 3 2 1 4 S isSupportable
Artillery 2 2 1 7/2* L givesSupport
ArmoredCar 2 1 2 7/2* S Blitz
Tank 3 3 2 5 L Blitz
Mot.Inf 1 3 3 5 L Blitz
Mech.Inf 2 2 3 6 L Blitz, givesSupport
AAGun 0 1 1 5 L isAA
Factory 0 0 0 15 isFactory
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Size Special Abilities

Air Units
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Special Abilities
Fighter 2 3 4 8 LandOnNaval
Adv.Fighter 3 4 4 10 LandOnNaval
Stuka 3 1 4 8 givesSupport
Bomber 4 1 6 14 SBR
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Special Abilities

Naval Units
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Special Abilities
T.Boat 2 1 1 6 Load 1S
Transport 0 1 2 6 Load 1S+1S/L
B.Transport 0 1 2 8 Load 4S or 1S+2S/L
Submarine 2 2 2 7 isSubmarine
Destroyer 2 2 2 8 isDestroyer
Cruiser 3 3 2 12 Load 1S, Bombard
Battleship 4 4 2 20 2 HP, Bombard
Carrier 1 3 2 14 Land 2 air
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Special Abilities
  • Can be purchased in pairs only, at the listed numerator cost for the pair (7PUs).

Restricted Units: Marine: Mot.Inf: Stuka: B.Transport:

Special RED DOT Units
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Size Special Abilities
HeavyTank 4 4 2 7 L Blitz
Mech.Rocket 3 1 3 6 L Blitz, givesSupport
JetFighter 4 2 5 12 LandOnNaval, SBR
L.Fighter 3 4 6 12 LandOnNaval
S.Bomber 5 2 8 18 SBR, givesSupport
S.Submarine 3 3 3 10 Load 1S
B.Carrier 1 3 2 20 2 HP, Land 3 air
Bunker 0 3 0 6 2 HP, construction*
Unit Name Att Def Move Cost Size Special Abilities
  • For each territory owned at the start of the turn, a maximum of 1 new Bunker can be purchased/placed per turn (no stack limits) (bunker placement is additional to normal placement, if a Factory is present).

Special Units Type: Land: Bunker, HeavyTank, Mech.Rocket
Air: JetFighter, L.Fighter, S.Bomber
Naval: S.Submarine, B.Carrier

(if "Add Elite Marine ArmoredCar Mot.Inf Mech.Inf Adv.Fighter Stuka B.Transport" is deselected at start game, Stuka are substituted with Fighter, in the setup)

Capitals (shown by flags )

  • Unconditional Surrender: Victory is achieved at any moment the enemy alliance owns only 5 capitals or less (original plus conquered) (the Victory Notification is after Combat).
  • Most allied nations (excluding Anzac and China) have multiple capitals.
  • If and when any of these capitals are captured, the attacker gains all of the PUs of the owner nation.
  • Nevertheless, the defender can collect income again and produce, as long as it holds at least one of its capitals.
  • Exception: Russians may still collect income and even produce after all of its capitals are captured.

Canals (shown by blue dots )

  • Canals are displayed with 1 or 2 blue dots between 2 land territories and 2 sea zones.
  • Your alliance must own both land territories at the start of your turn to control a canal.
  • When there are any number of canals between two sea zones, your alliance only need to control 1 of the canals for you to move between the sea zones.
  • A single blue dot represents a canal where the two land territories are connected with each other (land units can always cross by land).
  • Double blue dots represent a canal where the two land territories are not connected with each other (land units can never cross by land).

Special Rules

  • The following territories are considered originally owned by Chinese: Peking, Shantung, Fukien, Kwangsi, Hainan.

Rules Clarifications

WW2V2 rules (aka Revised) are used as the basis, with the following changes and clarifications:

  1. Low Luck (LL) - A move illegal using regular luck (dice) is illegal under low luck too. A move legal using regular luck (dice) is legal under low luck too.
  2. *Neutrals - Neutral territories and units are hostile and can be attacked, but you can't fly over neutral territories.
  3. Bombing Raids - The maximum total damage per turn per territory from strategic bombing raids is limited to the value of the territory.
  4. *Aircraft-Carrier Combat Move - During combat movement, the movement of any aircrafts requiring landing on carriers is legal only if a minimum number of carriers required for landing all aircrafts either:
    - Move to the landing zones, during combat movement (even if they have no chance of winning the battle, if any).
    - Can move to the landing zones, during non combat movement, without moving into or through any sea zones that are hostile at the start of the turn.
    (in any case, as per normal rules, you are allowed to move a carrier during combat movement only if starting or ending movement in a hostile sea zone (to escape combat or to do combat or both); otherwise, you must wait non combat movement, to move the carrier at all)
    (all the restrictions at this point apply only and exclusively to determine what movements are allowed during combat movement, and have no relevance anymore once the combat movement phase is over; not restricting casualties' selection, retreat choices or non combat movement (see below))
  5. *Aircraft-Carrier Non Combat Move - During non combat movement, if there are any aircrafts requiring landing on carriers, then moves must be made by carriers and aircrafts under the only special limit to maximize the number of aircrafts that can safely land (eventually also by moving into or through non-hostile (no enemy units but submerged submarines) sea zones that were hostile at the start of the turn, if needed or preferred), no matter what movements carriers were previously assumed eventually to make, nor what carriers were supposed to pick up which fighters, during combat movement (if the aircrafts are killed in combat or other carriers are available due to retreating, the carriers accounted for validating combat movements that are not anymore needed to safely land any aircrafts can move wherever).
  6. Combat Movement Before Purchase Phase - The following are the differences due to the altered phase order:
    - Players know about any air losses occurring during combat movement due to AA fly-overs prior to the purchase phase.
    - Conquering an enemy capital empty of combat units (combat units are all units but Factory and AAGun) allows spending all captured PUs right away in the same turn's purchase phase (it is advised to leave at least one cheap combat unit behind if abandoning a capital).
  • These rules aren't entirely enforced by TripleA, so the players must fully enforce them.

Optional Rules

  • Limited Constructions: Bunker units have max stack limit of 6 per territory.
  • LHTR Carrier Production Rules: New Fighters etc. can be placed on existing and new Carriers; existing Fighters etc. can be placed on new Carriers only by ending movement in the Sea Zone the Carrier is to be placed (still, combat movement moves cannot be validated assuming landing on yet to be placed Carriers).
  • Damage From Bombing Done To Units Instead Of Territories: Bombing damages Factory units, instead of destroying PUs; a Factory can be damaged up to the production value of the territory; each damage costs 1 PUs to repair at start turn; each (not repaired) damage lowers by 1 the max placement ability of the Factory.
  • Units Can Be Destroyed Instead Of Captured: All Factory and AAGun units are destroyed upon capture, always.

Special Thanks To: Kaleun, Spinello, Reissdorf, Ice Wirkey, Axisgeneral, KruppStahl, Clonky, Ready, Niklas, Kesselring, Godking...

Changelog: 2.1.1 (redrum, Cernel) see xml for details

  • Converted up to TripleA 1.9.
  • Added three sea zones (splitting the old sz77, sz79 and sz81 in two).
  • Added two canals (Rhodes - Izmir and Tarawa - Tabiteuea).
  • Removed all sea zones not connected with other sea zones, except the Caspian Sea.
  • Given all players the ability to purchase Bomber and any starting naval units but B.Transport.
  • Removed from British and Americans the ability to collect and produce without capitals.
  • Changed ownership of Rhodes from British to Italians and removed 1 British Bunker in Rhodes.
  • Changed original ownership of Peking, Shantung, Fukien, Kwangsi, Hainan from start game owners to Chinese.
  • Located the British Submarine in the old sz79 in 115 Sea Zone.
  • Located the Anzac Submarine in the old sz77 in 123 Sea Zone.
  • Removed 1 Russians Submarine from 72 Sea Zone and added it to 54 Sea Zone.
  • Relisted the bid options and removed one duplicate "French bid".
  • Added victory condition "Unconditional Surrender", as a custom option, true as default.
  • Added option "Damage From Bombing Done To Units Instead Of Territories" (default false), with damage cap equal to territory value.
  • Added option "Units Can Be Destroyed Instead Of Captured" (default false), for all Factory and AAGun units, always.
  • Added option "Add Elite Marine ArmoredCar Mot.Inf Mech.Inf Adv.Fighter Stuka B.Transport", true as default, for not having those units when deselected.
  • Removed 2 Stuka in Berlin and added 2 Fighter in Berlin; but when "Add Elite Marine ArmoredCar Mot.Inf Mech.Inf Adv.Fighter Stuka B.Transport" is selected at start game, 2 Fighter in Berlin are removed and 2 Stuka in Berlin are added (so, no changes from previous, as long as said option is selected).
  • Substituted option "Use Trigger" with option "Add Bunker and Special Units Round 4", true as default, and refactored the xml code behind it to be fully consistent with the option as set at any start turns during the game.
  • Set option "Low Luck for AntiAircraft" false.
  • Set max stack limit for Bunker to 6 per territory, when "Unlimited Constructions" is deselected. All other "Constructions" options ("More Constructions with Factory" and "More Constructions without Factory") removed.
  • Removed option "Kamikaze Airplanes".
  • Removed options "Projection of Power", "Honorable Surrender", "Total Victory", "National Objectives" and "Two hit battleship" (all of them broken or unplayable), and set all of them false or deleted.
  • Relisted options so to have related ones mostly next to each other (Low Luck options, then add units options, then constructions options, then battleship options, then air options).
  • Renamed 291 land territories (chosen by: redrum; proposals from: redrum, Cernel, Bungo, crazy_german).
  • Renamed all existing sea zones, from "1 Sea Zone" to "126 Sea Zone", in full natural sequence.
  • Simplified and standardized units' names.
  • Reduced to 80% opacity the relief image and changed the colors of Impassable, Italians and Romanians, to improve visibility and distinctiveness.
  • Many specific graphical updates, to clarify connections and canals.
  • Changed the flags of French and Anzac.
  • Changed the units' colors of Yamamoto, to be more colorful (to distinguish from Hisaichi).
  • Changed the units' colors of Dutch, to be more reddish (to distinguish from French and Anzac).
  • Changed the units' colors of Thai, to be unique (to differ from Finns).
  • Many specific graphical updates, to make the map image and units' images more coherent and beautiful.
  • Set Blends Off default and reduced Blends Alpha to 0.0, to improve visibility.
  • Centered all flags in any circle territories.
  • Redone most place coordinates (all circle territories at 9 placement spots).
  • Reorganized the player list by turn order (moved Finns and Romanians after Dutch).
  • Made Russians centering primarily on Moscow (instead of Sverdlovsk), then Sverdlovsk (instead of Sibirsky); made French centering primarily on Paris (instead of Churchill); made British centering primarily on London (instead of Montreal), then Montreal (instead of London); made Dutch centering primarily on Banjarmasin (instead of Suriname) (in all cases, owned Capitals have priority over not owned ones).
  • Renamed all canals to tell the related territories.
  • In Notes, changed the "att" value of Elite from 3 to 2 (being the game value).
  • In Notes, changed the "cost" value of Elite from 4 to 3 (being the game value).
  • In Notes, changed the "att" value of Marine from 2 to 3 (being the game value).
  • In Notes, changed the "cost" value of Marine from 3 to 4 (being the game value).
  • In Notes, changed the "cost" value of Cruiser from 10 to 12 (being the game value).
  • In Notes, changed the "move" value of Me262 (now renamed as JetFighter) from 4 to 5 (being the game value).
  • In Notes, changed the "def" value of S.Sub (now renamed as S.Submarine) from 1 to 3 (being the game value).
  • In Notes, changed the "cost" value of S.Sub (now renamed as S.Submarine) from 9 to 10 (being the game value).
  • Updated game Notes to add and remove images, change text, and improve formatting (in particular, removed the nonsensical "Little Islands are Connectet like Land" concept, and related image, and shown connections exclusively and consistently with land borders touching or with a single dot canal in between of the territories).

Changelog: 1.1.9 (ice)

  • Game notes updated
  • fixed all canals
  • fixed some xml problems

Changelog: 1.1.6 (Veqryn)

  • Correct price of Katyusha to 6.
  • Renamed to remove special characters from folder and xml names.
  • Coded and Added new low luck options.
  • Coded and Added "Battleships repair at beginning of round" as an option, which if true will have Battleships and Bunkers (any 2-hitpoint unit) only repair damage at the beginning of their owner's turn.
  • Updated WAW to take advantage of triggered rule changes to have red dot units and bunkers not appear for purchasing during beginning turns, and the ability to turn them off completely by deselecting "Use Triggers".
  • Bunkers (Constructions) code updated to work differently. New game properties listed below (all On by default).
  • "More Constructions with/without Factory" - If ON then you may have a total number of bunkers up to the PU value of a territory (minimum 1), in territories with/without factories. If OFF then you may have only 1 total bunker per territory.
  • "Unlimited Constructions" - If ON it over-rides above 2 game properties to allow infinite total bunkers per territory. If OFF then things are determined by the above 2 game properties.
  • No matter what, you can only place 1 bunker per territory per round. Bunkers do not take up a factory slot when being placed.

Changelog: 1.1.5

  • Game notes updated, officially released.

Changelog: 1.1.4

  • U.K. +1 Inf. in E.Egypt
  • Removed Strat. Bomb from Stuka
  • +1 Bomber in C.U.S for America

Changelog: 1.1.3

  • Falckland connect removed.
  • Us -1 Bomber,-1 E.fighter in S.F
  • Pearl -1 PU
  • Anzac -1 PU in S.Australia
  • Anzac -1 Destroyer in sz 77
  • China -1 inf. in Nancheng
  • China -2 Produktion
  • Marines correctet.
  • Some more Detailed Notes

Changelog: 1.1.2

  • Mot.inf raised to 5 Pus
  • Mech.Inf raised to 6 Pus
  • Ukrainskay raised to 4
  • Subs. 2/2/2/7
  • +1 Carrier+2EF in sz95 for Yama
  • Fixed B.Carriers 2 Hit
  • Fixed Neutral Charge

Changelog: 1.1.1

  • More Historic Pearl Situation
  • +1 T.boat for UK in sz19
  • +2 PUs in Korea
  • Moved 2 uk Fighters to London and Wales
  • +3 Pus in N.Japan
  • +3 Inf. for Germ.
  • South Africa/Cape to UK

Changelog: 1.1

  • -1 brit inf. in malaya
  • -1 Dutch sub in sz108
  • 3 pus for Iwo Jima
  • Replaced german fighter in Berlin with 2 Stuka
  • Removed Anzac BB

SIEG 2010

Units: Infantry Elite Marine Artillery ArmoredCar Tank HeavyTank Mot.Inf Mech.Inf Mech.Rocket Fighter Adv.Fighter Stuka JetFighter L.Fighter Bomber S.Bomber T.Boat Transport B.Transport Submarine S.Submarine Destroyer Cruiser Battleship Carrier B.Carrier Bunker AAGun Factory

Nations: Germans Russians Italians French Yamamoto Chinese Hisaichi British Anzac Dutch Finns Romanians Thai Americans

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