World Conquest submitted by James Stewart Each player get's 25 IPC's and AA Gun and a Factory. Each player rolls a die and the highest roller selects his capitol and places the factory and AA gun there. That land automatically increases in value to 10 IPC's unless it is worth more. The player names his Empire. The player then spends his IPC's as he sees fit and places those units on the board. The remaining territories not selected as capitals have an "army" strength assigned to them. For instance South Africa is worth 2. Therefore there are 2 Infantry defending. If the IPC value is divisible by 2 there is one tank, divisible by 3 there is a fighter, divisible by 4 AA Gun, 5=Sub, 6=Battleship, 7=Bomber. The object is to be the last man standing. This game is really fun to play. We play on the World at War board.

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