Download WORLD WAR 2010 version 1.2.0

The year is 2010. The nations of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) have moved their troops towards the borders with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). A minor conflict between their respective allies, the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union and the Union of South American Nations (USAN), will set the world on fire...

Map designed and created by: Basile Lemaire. Many thanks to the people on the tripleadev forum who've helped me out! About this map:

This map is based on the WW2V3 ruleset and units.

The alliance organizations in this map, are actual alliances.

The production-value per territory is based on the actual GDP, the availability of natural resources and the size and growth of their populations. (Source: the CIA World Factbook, 2009).

The starting units are based on the actual military strength of each territory. (Source: - ok, sorry - Wikipedia).

Neutral territories are powerful, yet interesting to conquer due to their strategic positions and/or production-values.


  • Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization


  • SCO-PSC (Africa)
  • NATO-USAN (South America)
  • SCO-CIS (Commonwealh of Independent States)
  • NATO-Europe
  • SCO-China
  • NATO-America


  • SCO-PSC. At the start of the game, you have a total production-value of 19, but a production-capacity of only 3 units. Invest in at least one additional factory. Protect your west-coast from amfibious NATO assaults.
  • SCO-CIS. Focus on the defence against, or the invasion of Europe. Prevent NATO from occupying the rich Middle-East. Try to occupy the Middle-East yourself.
  • SCO-China. Move your troops towards the neutral South-East Asia and India for additional production-value. Send troops to CIS to support them in their defence against NATO. Build a fleet to rule the Pacific and pose a direct threat to the Americas.
  • NATO-USAN. Your corner of the world is pretty safe, so you can focus your limited means on attacking. The west-coast of Africa is an obvious choice for military expansion.
  • NATO-Europe. Move troops towards the Middle-East to obtain the much needed resources. Build up a formidable force to overrun the CIS on your way to China.
  • NATO-America. Through your base in the United Kingdom, support NATO-Europe in its defence againts CIS. Maintain your powerful fleet in order to reign the pacific. Conquer a high-value territory in Asian to take the battle to China's front-door.