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TripleA - Version 0.7.3 - World War 3 (1955); GaryK

DescriptionWorld War 3 - Circa 1955

Created on Triple A version 0.7.3 - November 9, 2006 by GaryK email: team: The Art of Warfare - Version 1.0

SCENARIO: The year is 1955 and this is a war of ideologies. Communism versus Capitalism/Imperialism. Mother Russia has called all of her nations to rise up against the "evil" Imperialists. This is a battle of the U.S.S.R. (Axis) versus The United States and The United Kingdom (Allies). These are the major powers that have risen from the ashes of World War 2.

While much of Europe has been rebuilt, it is still not up to the industrial capacity and workforce of pre-1939. The increased dependence on oil and improved drilling technologies have caused the middle-east to become an important geo-political center on the globe. South America has continued to build its industrial capacity and workforce but has become divided ideologically.

Most of the Asian Continent is under the influence of the U.S.S.R. and is also poised to take control of the African Continent as well. Europe and North America remain democratic nations.


  • Based off of the Triple A Axis & Allies classic map version 1.4 and the Hasbro Axis & Allies Iron Blitz scenario Cold War.
  • The only neutral nation on the map is Switzerland.
  • Teams are USSR & Japan (Dead) as AXIS and The US, UK, and Germany (Dead) as ALLIES.
  • All active teams have all weapons technologies.
  • IPC values in the Middle-East and S. America have been increased.
  • IPC values in Europe have been decreased.
  • Several territories that were formerly neutral and without IPC value now have IPC value.
  • Destroyers & Artillery are in play.
  • 2-Hit Battleship & Battleship recovery are in play.
  • Tanks attack and defend at a value of of 3.

RELEASE INFO: Version 1.0 - March 9, 2006 - Initial Release


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