World War II Global 1942

 Global 1942 Scenario  Credits: Bung, Veqryn, MiniAlien  Note This game uses the official Global 1942 Scenario in combination with the latest Global 1940 2nd Edition (successor to Alpha +3) rules, as posted on Larry's website. It will be a much shorter game than the present 1940 Global game. It will include far fewer pieces and far fewer rules... Especially rules that have to deal with neutrals, being at war, going to war etc... All the NO's from the Global 1940 game will still apply as is. The set-up and turn order have changed in comparison to Global 1940 2nd Edition. To blitz move mech_infantry with armour, you must click on them both at the same time (use CTRL to create waypoints). Paratroopers tech enables a second combat movement phase which happens right after the first combat movement phase, and the second one only allowes movement of paratrooping infantry.  Disclaimer The game is not meant to take over your responsibility in knowing the rules. For example, the game engine is not always going to restrict or allow certain attacks. It is your responsibility to know the rules and abide by them. Most of the game notes that follow can be thought of as differences compared to WWIIv3 or WWIIv4 rules but obviously are not a complete manual for the game. Beginners to these games are suggested to ask for help in the lobby or on the forums at You must always validate your own movement, especially air movement at sea. The engine is not perfect.  Edit Mode When not yet at war, you may ask for permission to move through a canal, and if granted, use Edit Mode to move the units. If you ever need to create new UK units, always create "British" units, do not create "UK_Pacific" units (except for Factories, all UK_Pacific units turn into British units when placed normally). The Warbonds technology will give the PUs to the British, please use edit mode if you want some of it to go to UK Pacific.  Rules the engine does not do, but you must follow: * Do not allow blitzing or movement through Friendly Neutrals. * Air units may not land in or move through Friendly Neutrals, including the same turn they are captured. * Friendly Neutrals can not be 'captured' with an AA Gun, only by land units with an attack power. * Air units may not move through Unfriendly Neutrals unless they are attacking them. * Air units may not move through a Neutral territory IF that neutral territory had been attacked on some previous turn by some power (because technically that neutral stops being neutral at that point, and joins the other side). * If UK Pacific captures Japan, the money goes to UK Pacific, even if UK Pacific's capital is occupied. * You must place all units you purchased if you are able to, or as many as you can. Any units not placed get refunded to you (triplea instead carries them over to the next turn). * The victory conditions must be held for a full continuous round after they are achieved (so for example if Italy takes Egypt as the 8th European VC, then the Axis must hold 8 VCs continuously until Italy's next turn).      Victory Conditions To win with the following victory conditions, a side must maintain it for a complete round of play and must also control at least one of its own capital cities.  Axis Victory: 8 European Victory Cities OR 6 Pacific Victory Cities where at least one is Rome/Berlin/Japan. Allied Victory: Berlin and Rome and Japan are under allied control and allies maintain control of one of their own capitals.  Canals/Straits There are 5 canals/straits in the game with the following set of conditions.  Canal/Strait NameGeographical LocationLand Movement RestrictionControl for Ship MovementPanama CanalCentral America is one territory through which ships can move.None. It requires no movement to cross.Central AmericaSuez CanalConnects Trans-Jordan and Egypt. Connects sea zone 81 and 98.Possible.Egypt and Trans-JordanStrait of GibraltarConnects sea zone 91 and 92.Not possible.Only Gibraltar, except there are no control restrictions on submarines.Danish StraitsConnects sea zone 112 and 113.Not possible.Only Denmark.Turkish StraitsConnects sea zones 99 and 100. Turkey is one territory through which ships can move.None. It requires no movement to cross.Turkey Air units have no restrictions for any strait or canal.    Political Situation There will be NO major neutral Powers. ALL Powers begin the game AT WAR. Both the Soviet Union and the US may attack anyone from the onset of the game.   Neutrals There are three types of neutrals:pro-Axis: When an Axis unit moves into one of these zones for the first time, that country gets a one-time bonus number of infantry, specified on the map, and control of the territory. The new infantry cannot be moved until the next When an Allied unit moves into one of these zones for the first time, that country gets a one-time bonus number of infantry, specified on the map, and control of the territory. The new infantry cannot be moved until the next turn.Regular: If a power attacks a regular neutral, all the other regular neutrals on the board become friendly to the other team.Note: Capture of friendly neutrals must be done during Non Combat Movement.  When a country moves into a regular or non-friendly neutral during the combat move, it must conduct combat with the number of infantry specified on the map for that neutral. If it loses or retreats, however many infantry that remain are how many that stay in the zone. This means that if Finland was +4 for Axis, and Russia kills 2 infantry and retreats, then Axis only get 2 infantry when they move into Finland.    National Objectives Germany5 PUs for each German controlled territory: Volgograd or Novgorod or Russia.5 PUs if Axis controls the Caucasus.5 PUs if there is at least one German land unit in Egypt, whether or not it is controlled by Italy or Germany or Japan.5 PUs if Germany controls both Denmark and Norway and Sweden is not allied-controlled or pro-allied.2 PUs for each German controlled territory: Iraq or Persia or Northwest Persia.Russia5 PUs if Russia is at war, sz125 has no Axis warships (all sea units except transports), Archangel is Russia-controlled, and there are no allied units in any originally Russian territories.3 PUs for each originally German, Italian, or Pro-Axis neutral territory that Russia controls.10 PUs one time only, the first time Russia conquers Germany (Berlin).Japan5 PUs if Axis controls all of Guam, Midway, Wake Island, Gilbert Islands, and Solomon Islands.5 PUs for each Axis controlled territory: Hawaii, India, New South Wales, and Western United States.5 PUs if Axis controls all of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and Celebes.UK5 PUs for UK Europe if UK Europe controls of its original territories.5 PUs for UK Pacific if UK Pacific controls both Kwangtung and Malaya.ANZAC5 PUs if the Allies control Malaya, and ANZAC controls all of their original territories, and is at war with Japan.5 PUs if the Allies (not including Dutch) control all of Dutch New Guinea, New Guinea, New Britain, and the Solomon Islands.Italy5 PUs if no Allied ships are in the Med: sz92,...,sz99.5 PUs if Axis control at least 3 of: Gibraltar, Egypt, Southern France and Greece.5 PUs if Axis controll all of: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Tobruk, and Alexandria.2 PUs for each Italian controlled territory: Iraq or Persia or Northwest Persia.USA10 PUs if EUS, WUS, and CUS are American-controlled.5 PUs if Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Hawaiian Islands, and Johnston Island, and Line Islands are American-controlled.5 PUs if Mexico, South Eastern Mexico, Central America, and West Indies are American-controlled.5 PUs if the Philippines is American-controlled.5 PUs each turn the USA has one land unit in France.China6 PUs and may build artillery if the Allies control India, Burma, Yunnan, and Szechwan.French12 PUs worth of free units in France the first time France is Liberated (The engine will give you 4 infantry automatically. Use edit mode if you want something other than 4 infantry by deleting the infantry and replacing them with what you really want).       Kamikaze Attacks Japan starts the game with 6 attack tokens, and may begin doing Kamikaze Attacks at the start of the game. These attacks can only be done in sea zones that contain the Kamikaze symbol [the sea zones surrounding: Japan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Formosa, and the Marianas]. At the end of Japan's enemy's combat-move phase, Japan may target any surface warship in a Kamikaze zone for one or more Kamikaze attacks, ONLY if the enemy is attacking Japanese units there or is conducting an Amphibious Assault from that sea zone. For each attack, a die is rolled, and a 2 or less is considered a hit. Casualties are removed immediately, and do not participate in any battles. Kamikaze attacks prevent bombardment as well.     Submarines Prevent Unescorted Transports From Making Amphibious Assaults In any Sea Zone containing an enemy submarine, but not containing an owned warship, the submarine will prevent the offloading of troops for an amphibious assault.    Scrambling Fighters and/or Tactical bombers can be scrambled from any territory bordering a sea zone, with an operating airfield (less than 3 damage) to help defend the surrounding sea zone using their standard defense values. They cannot retreat from scrambling (defenders can never retreat) and if the territory they were scrambled from is captured, they're given one extra movement point to land on a friendly territory or open carrier. Scrambled air cannot participate in any other battles that round.    Strategic Bombing Runs (SBR) Bombing can now happen against both types of ICs, harbours, and airfields (attackers choice)[tactical bombers can not target factories though]. Fighters can participate in the bombing run as escorts. Fighters in the territory being bombed can be launched as interceptors (no airfield necessary).  If interceptors are launched: a one-round air battle takes place right away all air involved roll at 1 (jets rolls at 2). Either attacking bombers or fighters can be taken as casualties.  After the air battle, or if there were no interceptors, the escorts are retreated and any bombers/tacs remaining can now be divied up to attack specific targets. Each target rolls its built-in AA gun against the bombers/tacs targetting it. If there is an AA gun in the territory being bombed it does not roll because its there to defend combat units and not complexes/bases.      Blockade Zones If any enemy ships are in a power's blockade zones at the end of that power's turn, and the power controls the adjacent ground territory, then the power may lose some of the PUs it would have otherwise collected. Surface warships roll 1 dice, Submarines and Air units roll 2 dice, and carriers and transports roll zero dice. For any roll of 3 or less, that amount of PUs will not be collected by the surrounding land territories. The power in question cannot lose more PUs from a blockade zones then the worth of the adjacent ground territory to those zones.    Placement RestrictionsMajor Industrial Complexes can only go in territories worth 3 or more, and must be originally owned territories as in the set-up of Global 1940.Minor Industrial Complexes can only go in territories worth 2 or more.Industrial Complexes can't be built on islands.Over-purchase is returned and money is reimbursed.Aircraft can be placed on the ground or on a [new] carrier in the adjacent sea zone that has a spot(s) open.   Units These changes to units are things other than price/movement which you can see in the buy menu.Bombers now do 2 additional damage in strategic bombing raids, in addition to their dice roll.Carriers are two hit.Minor Industrial Complexes have 3 production capacity. A Minor IC can be upgraded to a Major IC for 20 PUs, but only on originally owned territories.Major Industrial Complexes have 10 production capacity. When a Major IC is captured it automatically becomes a minor IC.AA Guns may be taken casualty in combat, and may only fire at up to 3 aircraft each.New Units Tactical Bombers: can land on carriers, can bomb, and if paired with a tank or fighter the Tac attacks at 4. Tactical Bombers can also strategic bomb Airfields and Harbours (but not factories). Mechanized Infantry: can blitz when paired with a tank, and are supportable by artillery. Carriers: now have 2 hitpoints, and when damaged they do not allow fighters to land, or to leave if cargo.  New Buildings Harbour: Any ships that start their turn in a sea zone adjacent to a harbour get +1 movement points. Any damaged ships are repaired by a harbour at the start of the player's purchase and repair turn phase. Lastly, harbours can be bombed, and if they have 3 or more damage then they do not provide the above bonuses. Airfield: Any air that start their turn on the ground territory with an airfield get +1 movement points. Airfields allow up to 3 planes on that island to scramble (see Scramble section above). Airfields can be bombed, and if they have 3 or more damage then they do not provide the movement bonus.