The TripleA implementation of AAP40. In addition to the main scenario, there was a scenario created for testing purposes China vs Russia.

WW2 Pacific 1940
TripleA map created by:
Veqryn - map code, xml file, txt files, flags, art, lots of engine code
ComradeKev - scrambling engine code
Squid Daddy - lots of engine code
CrystalCT - original map png, some unit art
GudKarma - relief tiles
Bung - making a second set of relief tiles based on ww2v3
If you wish to contribute or make any comments, visit the forum
Special thx to SGBridges, and the whole TripleA team.
And many thanks to Larry Harris for making A&A.

For declaring war, if Japan declares war on UK, ANZAC, or USA, then all are at war with Japan and USA moves the infantry to the AT WAR BOX in the upper right of the screen.
If the USA is not at war with Japan by the END of the USA's third turn (during unit placement phase of usa turn 3), then the USA automatically goes to war (move the infantry, use edit to change the box to usa ownership if you have to).

Until the TripleA engine supports all rules, please use 'edit' to fix any bugs or missing features (to do this, switch to edit mode, then click the "action" tab on the left part of the screen, then start moving stuff").

Last updated 2011 March.

Known issues:
China and maybe others should not have a capitol.
A damaged factory shows two different repair windows, one for major and one for minor, even though there is only 1 factory that is damaged (example: USA).
Factories currently based on old style factory, that produces based on territory ipcs, instead of the new 2 types of factory: major produces 10 and can be damaged 20, minor produces 3 and can be damaged 6.
Air and Naval bases currently do Not give +1 movement. Workaround is that all air and naval have +1 movement at all times.
Scrambling has some bugs, but should work in the near future. Naval Bases repair BBs and Carrier correctly. Capturing of these units does not work right now.
Engine does not currently support declarations of war, so everyone starts out as Japan's enemy.
Mech Infantry should not have blitz, but currently does as a workaround (it is supposed to have it only when it is paired with a tank).
There are no Kamikaze zones right now, as the engine does not support the kinds of kamikaze rules that the rules state.
Need full description of rules as part of this game description.
Need new artwork for the misc folder, as well as complete txt files for vc.txt, decorations.txt, capitols.txt, pu_place.txt.
May need to edit place.txt to reflect more placements on certain islands.
The engine does not support allied victory conditions (Allies need to capture and hold Japan Island for 1 entire round).
Rules for Carriers not implemented. They should not be able to launch or receive/carry aircraft when they have a single hit.
SBR rules and Escorts and Intercepting not implemented in the engine yet.

Please report any bugs NOT listed at

thank you for playing

World War II Pacific Setup