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World War II v6 1941

Simplified version of the WWIIv5 1942 scenario, with fewer territories, starting units and income.
1. No strategic bombing.
2. No AA Guns / Artillery / Cruisers.
3. No shore bombardment.
4. Cannot build new factories.
5. Carrier and battleship costs decreased to 12 and 16 PUs.
6. SZ18 (Black Sea) can't be accessed by ships.

Also, Technology turned off by default (if turned on, will use a modified version of ww2v3 (AA 50th Anniversary Edition) technology).

Victory Condition: Normal Victory: Axis must control 2 Allied capitals. Allies must control Germany and Japan.
Quicker Victory: Axis must control either Washington or London. Allies must control either Germany or Japan.

Generic How-To-Play: The game is made up of rounds, during a round each player gets to do a number of steps/phases.
The phases are, in order: Research Technology, Repair Factories and Purchase Units, Combat Movement, Resolve Battles, Non-Combat Movement, Place Units.
At the beginning of your turn, you purchase units. At the end of the turn, you get to place those units in territories you own that have a factory.
During Combat Movment, you move any units to attack enemy units and territories. During Non-Combat Movement, you may move any units that have movement left (attacking an enemy remove any movement of land and sea units, but not air units).
Battles happen by use of dice. A unit has a certain attack power, and you roll a dice for each unit. If your dice is equal or less than the attack power of the unit, you have scored a hit. So for example, a tank attacks on 3. For it, you will roll a single die, and if you score 1-3 on the die you have hit the enemy, while if you score 4-6 you have missed the enemy. An infantry defends on 2, so a roll of 1-2 is a hit, while 3-6 are misses.
After the attacker has rolled dice for each of his units, the defender tallies the total number of 'hits' and then selects which of his defending units will die later. After this, the defender rolls for his units and the attacker selects which of his units will die. When both have finished rolling, the units selected to die are removed from the game. If there are no more attackers left, then the defender has won, and if there are no more defenders left, then the attacker has won and he moves his remaining attacking units into that territory. If both players have units left still, the attack may choose to play another round of battle, or retreat all his remaining forces to a territory where at least one of his forces came from.
Players must work with their allies to destroy the enemies, with the game ending when one side surrenders or certain conditions are met (like having captured a clear majority of the major cities).

Optional Technologies:

      • Air/Naval Tech ***
        SUPER SUBS- submarine units get +1 attack
        IMPROVED SHIPYARDS- naval units are cheaper
        LONG RANGE AIRCRAFT- aircraft range increased by 1
        HEAVY BOMBER- roll 2 dice for each bomber, and selects the best one
      • Land/Production Tech ***
        JET POWER- fighters and air transports get +1 attack
        PARATROOPERS- each bomber may carry 1 infantry into combat (must stop in first enemy territory it reaches)
        WAR BONDS- collect an 1d6 extra PUs each turn
        MECHANIZED INFANTRY- tanks may carry 1 infantry each for 2 spaces

Changes from version 1.6 to 1.7:
* Addition units added according to Official Errata & FAQ (+3 infantry in Russia, +1 infantry in Northwestern China, +1 destroyer in Sea Zone 11)

Hobbes for basetiles and initial xml. Veqryn for relief tiles, decorations, and corrections.
Also thanks to Jason/TripleElk for creating ww2v2 Revised and ww2v3 50th Anniversary artwork and tiles, which were also ported over to this version.

Nations: Russians Germans British Japanese Americans

Units:infantry armour fighter bomber transport submarine destroyer carrier battleship factory

World War II v6 1941