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A game of world conquest in a world recovered from a nuclear war. Published by Ziggurat Games.

The game has some issues. The biggest problem is that you can't win (except by randomly gaining nukes). Trying to kill enemy Kings is largely pointless, as your other foes will benefit as much as you. If you grow your economy, you will attract attacks.

The other problem is that the food system is cumbersome. It is pain to avoid exceeding the food limits.

Proposed Changes:

1. If you kill an enemy king, roll for each area the enemy controls. On a 1-3 it goes neutral, 4-6 you gain control.

2. If you take an enemy capital, you gain 20 in cash.

3. Units must trace supply, to a friendly city, by land or sea, avoiding enemy (including barbarian units). If you can't trace supply, all units in excess of the food limit must removed (owner's choice). Trace supply at the start of the player turn.

Another solution is to limit production of new units to the pieces that came with the game. If you can kill an enemy king, you gain the ability to use that king's units, while replacing his existing units with barbarians.

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