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Based on the board game "Axis & Allies: WWI 1914"

Creator: ColonelCarter
Map Design: Zim Xero

This map in no way takes responsibility for you knowing the rules of the game. Use of Edit Mode will be needed to make the game function as it should. Some things have been modified to be accommodating as possible, but the difference in mechanics is often too great. Play against the AI is impossible as it will blatantly cheat/play incorrectly.

Known things needed to follow/edit:

  • Keep to the minimum 1 infantry per army rule.
  • Don't use the Noncombat move (other than editing); it is only there so unit movement resets.
  • Tanks are declared as twoHit, so don't use tanks' free hit on defense. (Use the free hit if they're not already damaged and edit out the correct number of tanks if you want to take tanks as casualties)
  • Fighters are a land unit to let them stay in conquered/enemy territory and be able to load on transports, so if you want to fly over a Sea Zone or enemy-controlled territory, use edit mode.
  • Subs in this game don't have first strike capabilities, so they are only declared as normal ships. This means you can't submerge subs. If the defender wants to submerge in a battle, either agree to have the attacker retreat on the proper round or edit the subs out before the battle depending on the situation. (The attacker shouldn't ever want to submerge, because breaking off the attack or just taking other units as casualties before breaking off is always better.)
  • If you break off a naval attack, transports you brought into the sea zone will be killed by the remaining defenders. Just edit them (and their cargo) back in if this happens. (This might be fixed with the 1.9 update)
  • For deciding coastal artillery strikes, edit in a coastal_attacker of the attacking nationality into the "Coastal Barrage" territory with the correct number of defending artillery. (If there's more than 9, edit in more to one of them) Fight the "Coastal Barrage" battles before their respective amphibious assault, and remove the number of assaulters that got killed in the pre-emptive strike. You also should edit the used "Coastal Barrage" territory(s) back to their original conditions after the battle phase.
  • If not attacking in a contested territory, just move/keep the units out during combat movement and edit them back in during noncombat movement.
  • If performing an amphibious reinforcement, make sure there are no battleships in the offloading sea zone, or else they will bombard when they're not supposed to. Use edit mode if necessary.
  • Change aligned neutrals to their correct power if activated by a different one. [Working on triggers to do this automatically] (Portugal: France, Belgium: France, Albania: Italians, Serbia: Russians, Romania: Russians, Bulgaria: Ottomans, Arabia: British)
  • A human should play the neutrals, to follow the correct order of casualties when defending.
  • If a true neutral survives the round of combat, edit their units to the power of the opponent's choice. (Unless they know they don't want to attack on their turn, then don't bother or else you'll have to edit the aligned guys out and back in again.)
  • Victory conditions only check at the end of a round, so e.g. the Allied powers shouldn't win if Italy/USA takes the last CP capital without holding it until the Ottomans' turn the round after.
  • When moving out of a mined Sea Zone, mines will try to fire, so just edit those ships to where they are moving. (This might be fixed with the 1.9 update)
  • Since mines are an AA unit, they can be "captured" in naval victories. You'll have to make sure they always are owned by the proper nation, and can edit them out if their harbor gets captured, and back in if it's recontested, etc.

Basically, follow the rules and if something's not possible, use Edit Mode. A copy of the rulebook can be found here:

Units: infantry artillery tank fighter submarine cruiser battleship transport factory port mines coastal_attacker coastal_artillery

Nations: AustroHungarians Russians Germans French British Ottomans Italians Americans Neutral_Allied Neutral_Central Neutral_True Contested

World War I 1914