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World at War Barbarossa Scenario

- by Drax -


This scenario is designed for use with latest 3rd edition rules of Xeno's ""World at War"" expansion for ""Axis and Allies"" boardgame. The game turn is 5th (for the purpose of declarations of war) and the order of battle is the same as in original game. Japan did not exercise her double-impulse turn.

Initial deployment, territorial ownership and starting IPCs

Germany (45 IPCs)

  • Balkans: 4 INF, ARM
  • Italy: 2 INF, FTR, BBS, TRS, SUB
  • Libya: ARM
  • Finland: 3 INF
  • Germany: 4 INF, ARM, BOM
  • Norway: INF, CRU
  • France: 3 INF, FTR, SUB (directly West from France)
  • Atlantic (sea zone to the West of French sea zone) : SUB
  • Poland: 5 INF, 3 ARM, FTR
  • Rumania: 5 INF, 2 ARM, FTR

Vichy France

  • Algeria: INF, CRU, SUB
  • Syria: INF
  • Morocco
  • Madagascar
  • French West Africa

Commonwealth (37 IPCs)

  • United Kingdom: 3 INF, 2 ARM, FTR, BOM, BBS, CRU, 2 TRS
  • Egypt: ARM, CRU, TRS
  • Italian East Africa: INF
  • India: INF
  • Eastern Australia: INF
  • Queensland, Western Australia: empty
  • Eastern Canada, Central Canada, Western Canada: empty
  • Gibraltar: CAR
  • Malta: SUB
  • Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Rhodesia, South Africa: empty
  • Trans-Jordan, Pakistan, Burma, Ceylon: empty
  • Solomon Islands, New Hebrides, New Zealand, Maldives, Seychelles, Fiji Islands, Mauritius islands: empty
  • Iceland, Falklands, South Georgia, Winward Islands: empty

France (7 IPCs)

French Equatorial Africa, Belgian Congo, East Indies, Java, Borneo-Celebes, New Guinea, Society Islands: empty

Japan (26 IPCs)

  • Japan: 4 INF, FTR, 2 BBS, CAR+FTR, CRU, 2 TRS, SUB
  • Manchuria: 2 INF
  • Hofeh: 2 INF, FTR
  • Kwangtung: 2 INF
  • French Indochina: INF
  • Okinawa, Marcus Islands, Marshal Islands, Caroline Islands, Thailand: empty

Soviet Union (16 IPCs)

  • Ukraine: 3 INF, 2 ARM, FTR
  • Belorussia: 3 INF, ARM
  • Russia: ARM, FTR
  • Buryat: INF
  • Soviet Far East: INF, SUB
  • Karelia: 3 INF, SUB
  • Orel: 2 INF
  • Caucasus: INF
  • Kazakh, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Evenk, Yakut, Kamchatka: empty
  • North China: 2 INF
  • Mongolia: empty

United States (30 IPCs)

East US: ARM, FTR, BBS, TRS West US: CAR, TRS Philippines: INF Hawaii: BBS, CRU, SUB Panama, West Indies, Alaska, Midway, Wake, American Samoa, Christmass Islands, Greenland: empty

China (6 IPCs)

South China: 4 INF Sinkiang, Tsinghai: empty

Armed neutrals:

Afghanistan: INF Argentina: INF Brazil: 2 INF Ireland: INF Mexico: INF Persia: INF Peru: INF Portugal: INF Spain: 3 INF, ARM Sweden: 3 INF, ARM Switzerland: 2 INF Turkey: 3 INF