"There is a New Age of War, the Total War."

Axis Allies
Germans Russians
Italians French
Yamamoto Chinese
Hisaichi British
Thai Americans

(Nations listed in their Turn Order. Alternatively, refer to the "Stats" tab.)

Land Units
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities
Infantry 1 2 1 2 S isSupportable Marine 2 2 1 3 S isSupportable
Elite 3 2 1 4 S isSupportable ArmoredCar 2 1 2 3.5 S canBlitz, (get 2 for 7)
Artillery 2 2 1 3.5 L givesSupport, (get 2 for 7) Mot.Inf 1 3 3 5 L canBlitz, givesSupport
Mech.Inf 2 2 3 6 L canBlitz, givesSupport Tank 3 3 2 5 L canBlitz
AAGun 0 1 1 5 L isAA Mot.Inf. 3 1 3 5 L canBlitz
Factory 0 0 0 15 H isFactory
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities

Air Units
Unit name att def move cost special abilities
EarlyFighter 2 3 4 8 canLandOnCarrier Fighter 3 4 4 10 canLandOnCarrier STUKA 3 1 4 8 Art.Support
Bomber 4 1 6 14 canDoSBR
Unit name att def move cost special abilities

Naval Units
Unit name att def move cost special abilities
T.boat 2 1 1 6 Transport up to 1 S unit Transport 0 1 2 6 Transport up to 1 S + 1 S/L unit
B.Transport 0 1 2 8 Transport up to 4 S or 1S/2L unit Submarine 2 2 2 7 isSubmarine
Destroyer 2 2 2 8 isDestroyer Cruiser 3 3 2 10 Transport up to 1 S unit, canBombard
Carrier 1 3 2 14 Transport up to 2 air units Battleship 4 4 2 20 isTwoHit, canBombard
Unit name att def move cost special abilities

Unit name att def move cost size special abilities
Me262 4 2 4 12 LandOnCarrier/SBR B.Carrier 1 3 2 20 Two Hit, 3x Fighters
S.Sub 3 1 3 9 Transport up to 1 S unit L.Fighter 3 4 6 12
NakajimaG5N 5 2 8 18 canDoSBR/Art.Support Lancaster 5 2 8 18 canDoSBR/Art.Support
B29 5 2 8 18 canDoSBR/Art.Support Bunker 0 3 0 6 isTwoHit, read below *
Katyusha 3 1 3 6 L Art.Support HeavyTank 4 4 2 7 L canBlitz
Unit name att def move cost size special abilities

*-For every territory, owned at the start of the turn, a maximum of ONE Bunker can be purchased PER TURN.

Multiple Capitals

Most allied nations (excluding Anzac and China) have multiple capitals.

If one of these Capitals is Captured, the attacker gains the Whole PUs of

the owner Country.

After his next turn the defender can collect income again and produce

the next round, if he holds at least one of his capitals.

Russia however may still collect income and even produce after all three capitals are captured.

Canals are shown by Blue Dots
(You have to Own both sides to pass trough Canals)

Not all Canals work Propper(engine problem), but they are Visible,

so play them as they work...

Rule Clarifications

Default Rules for Disputable Situations:

Unloading of Transports from a COMBAT SEAZONE into a friendly territory, PRIOR to combat, is possible, due to a TripleA bug, but considered illegal.

Manually flying over Neutral territory is technically possible, but considered illegal.

Differences due to the New Phase Order:

Under the New Phase Order, one knows any air losses from AA fly-overs during combat movement before his purchase.

Special Thanks To:

Kaleun, Spinello, Reissdorf, Ice
Wirkey, Axisgeneral, KruppStahl, Clonky,
Ready, Niklas, Kesselring, Godking...

Changelog: 1.1.6 (all done by Veqryn)

Correct price of Katyusha to 6.

Renamed to remove special characters from folder and xml names.

Coded and Added new low luck options.

Coded and Added "Battleships repair at beginning of round" as an option, which if true will have Battleships and Bunkers (any 2-hitpoint unit) only repair damage at the beginning of their owner's turn.

Updated WAW to take advantage of triggered rule changes to have red dot units and bunkers not appear for purchasing during beginning turns, and the ability to turn them off completely by deselecting "Use Triggers".

Bunkers (Constructions) code updated to work differently. New game properties listed below (all On by default).

- "More Constructions with/without Factory" - If ON then you may have a total number of bunkers up to the PU value of a territory (minimum 1), in territories with/without factories. If OFF then you may have only 1 total bunker per territory.

- "Unlimited Constructions" - If ON it over-rides above 2 game properties to allow infinite total bunkers per territory. If OFF then things are determined by the above 2 game properties.

- No matter what, you can only place 1 bunker per territory per round. Bunkers do not take up a factory slot when being placed.

Changelog: 1.1.5

Game notes updated, officially released.

Changelog: 1.1.4

U.K. +1 Inf. in E.Egypt

Removed Strat. Bomb from STUKA

+1 Bomber in C.U.S for America

Changelog: 1.1.3

Falckland connect removed.

Us -1 Bomber,-1 E.fighter in S.F

Pearl -1 PU

Anzac -1 PU in S.Australia

Anzac -1 Destroyer in sz 77

China -1 inf. in Nancheng

China -2 Produktion

Marines correctet.

Some more Detailed Notes

Changelog: 1.1.2

Mot.inf raised to 5 Pus

Mech.Inf raised to 6 Pus

Ukrainskay raised to 4

Subs. 2/2/2/7

+1 Carrier+2EF in sz95 for Yama

Fixed B.Carrieres 2Hit

Fixed Neutral Charge

Changelog: 1.1.1

More Historic Pearl Situation

+1 T.boat for UK in sz19

+2Pus in Korea

Moved 2 uk Fighters to London and Wales

+3 Pus in N.Japan

+3 Inf.for Germ.

South Africa/Cape to UK

Changelog: 1.1

-1 brit inf. in malaya

-1 Dutch sub in sz108

3 pus for Iwo jima

replaced german fighter in Berlin with 2 STUKA

Removed Anzac BB


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World at War

World at War