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World at War Summary Table

Type Country Cost Move Attack Defend Limitations
Armored Infantry U.S. Inf. + 1 IPC 2 2 3 Only 6 units allowed in play on any given turn
Banzai Attack JAPAN 0 (use existing Inf. units) N/A 2 N/A Three Banzai attacks per turn. All Japanese Inf. attack at a ""2"" for one round and then revert back to regular Inf. CAN NOT RETREAT.
Conquest Through Economic Aid U.S 2 x IPC value of Neutral Country N/A N/A Roll 1 D6. If result is equal to or less than the IPC value of the country then the U.S. now controls that country (see Rules). 1) Limited to Western Hemisphere Neutrals. 2) Germany can block conquest of Argentina and Chile (see Rules). 3) One attempt per country per turn.
Guards Russia Inf. + 1 IPC 2 2 3 Only 6 units allowed in play on any given turn
Heavy Bombers ALL 5 IPCs/Turn 6 Carries 2 Paratroops N/A See Version 3.0 & Technology Link. V2.0 - ""Can designate up to 2 Bomber units per turn. Must be replenished after each use.
Hitler Assassination Germany 0 N/A 1 D6 Attempt: N/A Roll of 1-2, the Attempt is SUCCESSFUL and Germany gets a permanent 5 IPC increase. Roll of 3-5, NO RESULT. Roll of 6, Germany must remove 2 Inf. and 2 Armor units from play. Only ONE assassination attempt per game.
Invading Neutrals ALL (except China) AXIS & RUSSIA (No cost, with exceptions) ALLIED NATIONS (See Rules) N/A N/A N/A GERMANY must pay 10 IPCs to attack SWITZERLAND (whose Inf. will defend at '3'). RUSSIA must pay 25 IPCs to Germany if it attacks RUMANIA prior to Game Turn 5 and Russia is not at War. CHINA is considered a neutral country to RUSSIA.
Kamikaze Attack JAPAN 0 (use existing Bomber or Fighter unit) Fighter or Bomber can use up all of it's movement to reach a target of his choosing 5 (one round) N/A The Kamikaze unit gets one die roll attempt and is then destroyed.
Lend Lease U.S. and Britain U.S. - Up to 1/2 National Production. BRITAIN - Up to 10 IPCs. N/A N/A Subject to Axis Intervention (see Rules) U.S. - Aid to Allied Nations at War only. BRITAIN - Aid to France and Minor Allies only.
Marines & Rangers U.S. 0 (use existing Inf. units) Applies to Amphibious Landings only 2 N/A Only 4 designated Inf. units allowed per turn during any amphibious invasion
Paratroops ALL (except China) Inf. + 1 IPC 1 or w/Bomber 2 2 4 - U.S., GER, RUSSIA, BRITAIN, & JAPAN {1 - FRANCE}. MUST BE BUILT AT A FACTORY AREA.
Partisans Russia 1 IPC (3 Partisans can be formed into 1 Inf. unit) 0 0 1 Only 1 unit can be built per Area per turn. Areas must be vacated Axis controlled provinces in Russia.
Rail Movement ALL No Combat Moves Unlimited via friendly connected land provinces (see Rules) N/A N/A GER - 4 (EUR or ASIA only). JAPAN - 2 (ASIA only). BRITAIN - 2 (ASIA, AFRICA , & EUR only. Can use U.S. rail.). U.S. - 6 (W. HEMISPHERE only, can use British or Chinese rail). RUSSIA - 3 ( up to 3 in ASIA, only 1 in EUR). CHINA - 2 (in CHINA only)
Repair Battleship ALL 2 D6 2 (unrepaired) 0 (unrepaired) 3 Must be in friendly Land/Sea area to repair
Rockets ALL See Rules 1 3 (against Inf. located in same or bordering Area) 2 (against Inf) Need Rocket Technology
SS Panzergrenadiers Germany Inf. + 1 IPC 2 2 3 Only 6 units allowed in play on any given turn
SS Panzers Germany Armor + 1 IPC 2 4 5 Only 4 units allowed in play on any given turn
Sub Pens Germany 8 Can Not Move Can Not Attack 2 (against Air units only) -- Pens house Sub units. -- Subs take losses first. -- Pens can take one damage HIT. -- Damaged Pen takes 5 IPCs to repair. -- One Pen per Factory Sea Zone. -- Any enemy air flying over the Sea Zone is subject to A/A fire from the Pen.
Super Transports U.S. 0 (use existing Transport units) 2 (Can Carry 1 Inf. & 1 Armor unit at the same time) 0 1 ""The U.S. player may designate at no additional cost 2 transports...starting on Game Turn 5.""
Technology ALL 7 N/A N/A N/A 1 Roll Per Turn

Early Game-Turn Synopsis For World At War



At war with France, Poland and the UK Two Impulses required this turn Receives additional 5 IPCs if not at war with Russia Receives additional 2 IPCs if Sweden is not Allied Italy

Frozen until Fall of France Britain

At war with Germany Neutral with Japan France

At war with Germany Neutral with Japan Dutch fleet in Pacific cannot move until Japan is at war with a Western Power (or game-turn 5) Japan

At war with China ONLY May attack any Major Power EXCEPT Russia One two-impulse turn available for use any game-turn Forces in Thailand may not move or attack unless Japan is at war with a Major Power Russia

Neutral, but may attack China or neutral countries May attack Finland but suffer 3x number of casualties inflicted Receives only 16 IPCs per turn (until game-turn 5 or at war) US

Neutral Only 17 IPCs can be used for builds (unless at war or until game-turn 6) China

At war with Japan Can only attack within China or at Manchuria and Korea



Finland comes under German control (if not conquered by Russian player in game-turn 1) Britain

Poland is under British control (if not conquered by German player in game-turn 1)



Six Panzergrenadiers available (attack at 2, defend at 3, move 2)


No special rules



Four Panzers available (attack at 4, defend at 5, move 2) France

Dutch fleet in Pacific can now move Russian

Can attack Germany or Japan Receives full IPC level (if still neutral) Six Russian Guard available (attack at 2, defend at 3, move 2) US

Six armored infantry available (attack at 2, defend at 3, move 2) Four infantry available during any amphibious invasion as either Marines or Rangers (attack at 2, defend at 2, move 1) Two heavy transports available to carry 1 infantry and 1 armor at anytime Japan

Can attack Russia Britain/France

Can attack Japan US

Can use all IPCs for builds (if still neutral) Can attack Japan Can attack Germany