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== Full scale WW2, fall 1941, units detail please refer to Hearts of iron ==
notable changes!!!(added an extra sz near Gibraltar, adjusted pricing, see below)
kamikazeZero: 3, 1, 6(light armoured suicidal fighter,Japan)
jetfighter: 4,5, 10 (advanced fighter, can not land on carrier, Germany)
M41Mustang: 4/4/12 (American heavy, long range fighter, equipped sub detector)
Il2 4/3/9 (Russian tank destroyer fighter)
heavy bomber: 5, 1, 17 (special: SBR, UK only)
tactical bomber 5/1/14 (can not do strategic bombing raid)
B29: 5, 2, 20 (special: SBR, range 8)
V1 rocket: 1, 0, 7.5 (special: SBR, range 8)
carrier 1/2/18(3 fighters)
mini_submarine: 1, 1, 3 (submerge, sneak attack, 1 move, Japan)
Special task destroyer: 2, 2, 9 (special: moves on 3, Japan only)
heavy cruiser: 4, 4, 18 (special: bombardment)
Yamato class Battleship: 5,5, 30 (Bombardment, naval arti-support, transport, can land 1 zero)
Graf-Zepline 3/4/20 (Heavily armed carrier, bombard, only 2 fighters may land)
Bismarck class battleship: 5, 5, 28 (German heavy warship, can transport, bombardment)
naval mine: 0, 1, 2.5 (special: anit naval)
Katyusha: 2, 1, 3.5 (14 ipc for every 4, cheap Russian mobile artillery)
lightarmour: 2, 2, 4 (bliz,available all countries except China)
T34 medium tank 3/3/5 (10 ipc for every 2 units)
Panther: 4/4/12 (advanced heavy tank, bliz, 2 hits, inf support)
StuG: 2/3/5 (mobile assault gun, infantry artillery support)
Tiger: 4, 5, 14 (German heavy tank, bliz, 2 hits, inf/artillery support)
Tiger2:5, 5, 15 (the ultimate Germany heavy tank,2 hits, bliz, inf/artillery support)
Iosif Stalin tank 4/4/12 (Russian heavy tank, 2 hits, 1 move)
bonzai-infantry: 2,1,3(zealous IJA infantry, sacrifice defense for added offense);
gulag-conscript: 0,1,1.5(3 ipc for 2 units,Cheap Russian conscript);;
commando: 3, 3, 6 (elite raiding units, very low transport cost, UK)
stormtrooper: 2, 2, 4 (highly mobile elite infantry, Germany)
Waffen_SS_Elite: 3/4/6 (battle hardened elite infantry, can not be trained, Germany)
Bunker: 0, 0, 4 (defence structure, Germany only)
partisan: 0, 1, 1.33 (chinese fodder units)
mobilefactory: (Russian mobile industrial, can relocate to a friendly controlled area)

1) Russia capital is Novosibirsk/Sverdlvstok, both are inaccessible, hence Russia in this game can
technically not be defeated, fight to the bitter end.
2) Yunan is now inaccessible except chinese reflecting the role of Burma road;

Nations: Germans Russians Italians Chinese Japanese British Americans Minor_Axis_powers

Units: infantry Waffen_SS_Elite armour fighter bomber transport battleship carrier submarine factory aaGun artillery destroyer cruiser halftrack s_destroyer Mobilefactory Bunker fighterjet Tiger2 navalmine yamato B29_Superfortress fleetcarrier escortcarrier marine SilentHunter mini_submarine zero heavybomber T34MediumTank Bismarck commando sniper stormtrooper Katyusha lightarmour Tiger chinesepartisan lightcruiser King_George_class_battleship B25 tactical_bomber kamikazeZero Panther IS3 Ilyushin-Il-2 Graf_zeppelin GulagConscript Longlance_submarine Longlance_midgetsub P51mustang StuG Uss_Iowa Bonzai_Infantry rockets

World in conflict-1941