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A property with wide-ranging effects, designed to support the AA50 rules

If you use ww2v3 style factory damage, you need repair rules <repairRule name="repairFactory"> <cost resource="PUs" quantity="1" /> <result resourceOrUnit="factory" quantity="1"/> </repairRule>

If you use ww2v2 tech then you need IndustrialTechnology production, and if you use ww2v3 tech you need Shipyards -->

At least minimum of 0 techs per category, max of 6 per category if using ww2v3-style random selection of techs

isDestroyer allows Submarine to be hit by air units if using ww2v3 rules

isSub if using ww2v3 rules not be hit by air unless the enemy has an isDestroyer

Attack and defense must be zero if you are using ww2v3 style transport rules (transports can not be used as fodder, etc.)

unitProduction with ww2v3 factory damage rules ("SBR Affects Unit Production"), which have damage done to a Territory, not to a Unit. This decides the damage the territory starts at. If unitProduction is less than production, then the territory starts damaged. If they are equal, then the territory is not damaged.

<property name="WW2V3" value="true" editable="false">



allows NoPU purchases (ww2v3 does also)

Hari-Kari Units allows transport units to die under ww2v3 type rules